Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars?


Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars? (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & DP SI Exam. 2015)

(b) Magadha (d) Avant (a) Kosala (c) Champa

The kingdom that first used elephants in wars is Magadha. Therefore, the correct option is (b) Magadha.

Explain it why

Magadha, an ancient kingdom in India, is historically known for being one of the first to effectively use elephants in warfare. Elephants provided a significant advantage on the battlefield due to their size, strength, and intimidating presence. The use of war elephants in ancient Indian warfare was particularly notable during the Magadha Empire’s military campaigns.

Elephants were employed for various purposes in battle, such as charging into enemy lines, breaking formations, and instilling fear among opposing forces. Their sheer size and power made them formidable weapons on the ancient battlefield. The utilization of elephants in warfare became a strategic element in the military tactics of Magadha and contributed to their military successes.

It’s worth noting that the use of war elephants was not unique to Magadha, as other ancient civilizations, including those in the Indian subcontinent and beyond, also employed elephants in their military endeavors. However, Magadha is recognized for being one of the early adopters of this strategic military asset in the region.

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